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Shamrock Organic Fertilizer

Shamrock Organic Fertilizer


100% plant-based and natural, Shamrock Botanics’ All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is a  mixture of Palm Oil Residue and Functional Activated Microbes (F.A.M.)


F.A.M. is a combination of natural organic materials with beneficial microbes to provide  the soil with sufficient nutrients while effectively reducing harmful microbes. This process in itself provides your plant with a stronger root system, more resilience to  diseases hence healthier longterm growth.



- Odorless and non-hazardous

- 100% natural, plant-based and organic

- Kids safe, pets safe and eco safe

- Soil conditioner and enhancer

- Rich in trace element nutrients

- Contains water holding capacity

- Erosion prevention

- Eash application with no fear of over fertilisation

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