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Dracaena angolensis (Tobiana)

Dracaena angolensis (Tobiana)


Dracaena angolensis (formerly Sansevieria cylindrica) / Cylindrical Snake Plant
In terracotta pot
24cm tall (incl pot), 28cm plant width, 9cm pot diameter


All our plants are individually repotted and styled to match the selected pots. The image you see is unique with the exact combination. If it is sold, we will post a new product with a newly paired plant and pot. 

*The plant may have grown a little from the time the photo was taken.

  • Potted plants & terrariums cannot be shipped using conventional postal services. Kindly contact us for other delivery options.
  • 'Self Pickup' option is available during check out.
  • Please DO NOT select 'POS Malaysia' if you have potted plants or terrariums in your Cart.
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