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Upcycled Greenery Tutorials

Over the lockdown I had a lot of free time to cook and soon started a collection of used pasta sauce jars. They make great terrariums! So I made this instructional video to show how to turn used jars into mini gardens of moss. You can apply the same methods and tips using any type of jar. There's even a DIY kit so you can try this at home yourself. Before long I got a bit tired of my own cooking and started ordering food delivery. Soon I had a small collection of plastic food containers! Well, they could be turned into something beautiful as well, so I made another video to show how to convert them into miniature zen gardens using preserved moss. Check it out below, and of course, there's a DIY kit for this too!

Hope you had fun watching these videos, do like and subscribe to my YouTube channel to get updates whenever I post a new tutorial.

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