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Qrvy QC Glass Terrarium Case

Qrvy QC is a glass terrarium case designed by Ohsum Mossum (IG @ohsummossum) priced at USD135 inclusive international shipping to selected countries. To purchase please submit order form below:

Made by terrarium makers for terrarium makers and packed with useful features from our own experience with planted terrariums, they also make nice bookends!


- A curved glass front for unhindered visibility of a 2 sided moss wall

- Hand polished glass notch for attaching clip lighting

- Top and bottom mesh covered vents for fully closed or vented configurations

- Silicone lined removable top lid for easy hand access

- Hand cut and assembled 3mm glass using odourless acid free silicone

- 3D printed accessories - top vent cover, bottom vent plug and tube rings

Customization includes choosing a notch left or notch right configuration at no added cost.

To assure quality we produce Qrvy QCs in limited production runs of 25 units, now ready for immediate shipping within 3 work days.

Notes before purchasing:

1. Feel free to drop us a message before ordering to check on latest stock availability and production schedules.

2. Our glass cases are hand assembled with care but please allow for some margin of imperfection that comes with hand made items. That's the novelty of small production hand assembly.

3. We pack and ship to the best of our ability as we want you to receive our cases safely. All shipments come with standard logistics company insurance coverage.

4. Buyer to bear import taxes where applicable in their respective countries. Do investigate if uncertain.

5. Light not included, a wide variety of clip lights are affordable and easily sourced from your local aquarium suppliers.

6. Plants just for reference and not included, we host regular FREE Zoom classes for Qrvy owners on how to plant their cases.

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