18 July 21: CTF1 Closed Terrarium Fundamentals For Beginners

Updated: Jul 6

Note: This is a 2 hour in-depth lecture with slides and demonstration, materials not included. Please contact us if you'd like to arrange for jar and materials.

An online class covering fundamentals of how terrariums work, how to grow plants indoors and how to make and maintain lasting terrariums. Our goal is to share the knowledge that will bring you closer to mastering terrariums. Please register via link below:


Online class covers the following topics:

  • How closed terrariums work

  • Making and maintaining a viable terrarium

  • Moss and vascular plant basics

  • How plants grow and achieving best growth in terrariums

  • Choosing the right plants and materials for lasting terrariums

  • Common issues and how to avoid or treat them

Follow up support:

  • After class, ask questions via Whatsapp and join our terrarium group chat comprising students from around the world for help and updates

Zoom class time and date (Kuala Lumpur UTC+8):


  • Zoom class + class recording + support by charitable donation or volunteering for a pandemic relief organization of your choice, suggestions for Malaysia below: