Plantable is a pot tray with casters (wheels) which is convenient to move your potted plants easily. The design is neat with concealed casters and the shape fits well to any space in your room. It allows you to have more flexible layouts of your indoor plantscape.

*Supports a pot base of up to 30cm diameter with a load capacity of 40kg.


Product Size:

(S Size) W32 x D32 x 5.7cm



Tray: AES resin

Caster: Steel, urethane

Made in Japan


- Use for carrying potted plants only.

- When cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth and then dry with dry cloth.

- Use the product on flat surfaces in your room.

- The casters move less smoothly on carpets, rugs etc.

- Do not use it to carry people or animals. Do not use it as a plaything.

- Keep away from fire and other heat sources.

- Do not soak the product in water. The casters are not waterproof.