Single Flower Vase


Turn a single flower into a soothing friend!

He’ll watch TV with you in the living room or see you off at the door.
What’s more, he can take on a variety of expressions as his flower start to droop over time, appearing to be lost in thought or dozing off. Place him wherever you like and he’s sure to make your day a little brighter. Why not let Flowerman share your life?


Designed by Ayumi Sakamoto & Tomomi Uchiyama

Product size : W86 x D86 x H125mm
Package size : W99 x D99 x H128mm
Product weight : 210g
Total weight : 215g


Package size : W80 x D70 x H155mm
Package size : W94 x D83x H167mm
Product weight : 225g
Total weight : 230g


Material : Ceramic


Made in Japan